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I'm sorry if this post offends anyone or if they feel that I am just trolling the forums or even whining to be truthful I'm not. But this is ridiculous, You claimed that pre-ordering gave us gauranteed early access yet I have to to see any sign of that guarantee. There was no mention to us at the time of pre-order through origin the ea store or anything that you would be handling Early Acess by sending out delayed emails depending on when we made our pre-order purchase! The only news that this was how you were handling things was through the forums and the forums only. I should know i've looked. Hell the game client isn't even available through origin yet I had to download the game through the whole pre-load thing! The point of this whole early access for pre-orders was meant to be just as it states early access! No restrictions or flags on our accounts telling us that we can't log into or play the game. Those of us that pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game paid $85 that is including tax and we have the right to log in and play the game through early access since electronic arts and even bioware took payment at the time of purchase! So do us all a favor allow us the right to log in and enjoy a game that we have fully paid for and have the right to enjoy during the early access period. I can't stress enough how upset I am about all this and how I can't even log into the game client or play because the game client is telling me that i don't have a product activation or product registration key! I've paid my money in full to both you and Electronic arts and now i would like to be able to log in and enjoy something I rightfully paid for!
1. It was mentioned everywhere that you get "up to 5 days" early access. Up to, that isn't the same thing as 5 days. Reading comprehension fail.

2. They started early access 2 days early, using your own failed logic you can't begin to complain until the 5th.

3. The game launches on the 20th, you didn't pay for early access.

You will get in based on your spot on line, as early as tomorrow or as late as the 19th. THEY HAVE SAID THIS SINCE JULY. It's in bold uppercase text on your purchase.