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11.04.2015 , 06:52 AM | #29
I also feel sad that they removed it since now a lot of the atmosphere is gone when doing heroics. But sadly, I don't think they'll change it back now.
For one of the Ord Mantell heroics (where you meet the droid with Gizmel's shipment), there's a new voice-over at the end that I'm pretty sure was recorded specifically for 4.0 since I don't recognize it. If my suspicion is true and they did record new VO for it, they will not go back and put in the original NPCs since getting those new VOs was just too big of an investment.

Anyway, my suggestion for this would be: When you are done with an heroic, you receive the "Speak to ..." task and you actually have to walk to the NPC. However, you will also receive a quest item that auto-completes the quest. That way, players can either immediately complete it or get the final conversation.
The disadvantage would be that this way, players could store up multiple quests and complete them at once without having to go to those planets. This could become a problem when they increase the level cap and don't want players to quickly get to max level. But I doubt that this will ever happen again.