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lol why change the colour at all? white is perfect
I change the color because I hate looking at white the whole time. If I could, I would assign a color to everyone so that I can keep up with someone's posts based on color alone and to make reading the forums more enjoyable.

Since this is a second post "not on topic" I'll add the following:
Kira is vital to the feel of the Jedi Knight experience. It's not our fault that Bioware has made her a main element in our story and then has a bug that has yet to be repaired (although it has been addressed right above me). It is a story breaking bug that also brings into question how the repair will affect the game. Will all those conversation come in at once? Will I be sitting there for an hour talking to Kira about current events that have in fact passed? Will I even get my past conversation back at all?
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