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As someone who's just coming back to the game after a two-year absence, and who didn't have nearly enough free time to run all the available missions when I played the first time, I have to agree with this. Other MMOs I've played have options that simply let you auto-skip cutscenes that you've already viewed, or to simply bypass certain scenes entirely; the devs should've gone with one of those options instead of simply removing the scenes altogether. Now, because some people were too impatient to even hit spacebar a few times, I (and any new players who came along after this change was implemented) get to miss out on entire sections/wrap-ups to certain stories (side stories or otherwise)? I fail to see how that's fair.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that, for some, seeing the same scenes over and over again can get dull...but this was far from the best solution. This was a dropped ball, pure and simple.
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