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12.28.2011 , 01:32 PM | #1
Ortolans are evil!!! WE HAVE TO STOP THEM!!!

And by evil I mean deceptively cute!!! I'm a lvl 44 Sorc atm and doing most evil things and having fun with it. (I even slaughtered jawas on tattooine) But then I get to Hoth and.......

meet the Ortolans. I didn't even know these guys had a name. I just knew them as organ players on Jabba's skiff. Thus my Sorc knew his first LS points. I just couldn't bring myself to harm to the cute little puffy blue elephants.... (Through most of the game my gf has been watching my cutscenes and when I got to these guys she was like "why didn't you kill those too!? I couldn't bring myself to tell her I lost my edge in the face of cuteness)

Anyone else see the Ortolans' evil ways????