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Part 3-57. In which Torch’s challenge begins

This series has pervasive spoilers for the Shadow of Revan Rishi questline. It also regularly uses the chapter 3 titles for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor, along with the background of their companions.

Shae Vizla’s a tough nom de plume
(Or nom de defeating the room.)
She rebranded “Torch,”
Set up on the porch,
And waited for worthy foes’ doom.

“So on a scale of one to ‘they’re taking away my Jedi license,’ how great was that?” said Nalenne.

“I don’t know,” said Rho. “This was my first pirate raid.”

“Second. Slave island counts.”

“That one had definite positive moral and socioeconomic impact,” Rho said primly. “This time we just…stole a bunch of stuff.”

“Including clues,” said Nalenne. “Critical, critical clues.”

“’Torch’? Is that a stage name?”

“It’s the name of a Mandalorian who doesn’t like the Revanites anymore.”

“And the fact of enmity is your idea of progress.”


Rho gave that a moment’s thought, then nodded resignedly. “All right, then. Call home?”

“Call home. Wherever they’re hiding.”

Minutes later they had their direction – an island a short shuttle ride away. It was Mandalorian-owned and operated, which probably meant an excess of bravado and a shortage of intelligible conversation.

The shuttle landed on a conveniently placed meadow, which was good because it made the unpowered and unsteered landing after being shot down by anti-air emplacements.

“Nice job,” said Nalenne.

“Thank you,” said Rho.

“Since when were anti-air guns honorable combat?” muttered Kira.

“Even I don’t use them, and I’m as dishonorable as they get,” grumbled Nalenne.

“You could use them,” pointed out Quinn. “It saves a great deal of time in some matters.”

Nalenne sulked. “This is just an extension of your thing for droids.”

They – sections of Nalenne and Rho’s crew, as Insanity Company had been left to continue the Red Hulls’ reign of terror-or-charity – set out from the wreckage. The meadow sloped upward to a flimsy-looking rope bridge that led to a high rock outcropping. In fact the remainder of the island appeared to be tall rock formations linked by alarmingly tenuous bridges.

“I guess we…keep going?” said Rho. “I thought there were people on the island.”

A well-beaten path led them across the bridge and into a squat hexagram of a building with its back to an even higher rock. The front gate opened as they approached.

And a voice said what Nalenne was to later report as “Blah blah I won’t talk to you until you’ve killed a bunch of stuff.”

Bunches of stuff were made available in multiple directions.

Nalenne and Rho led the way, lightsabers at the ready, across another rickety bridge. Their first quarry was a giant biped of questionable sentience and definite unwillingness to communicate in any language not involving blunt force trauma. The party answered in kind, starting with anything it could reach and ending somewhere around its skull. It was a short fight.

“Torch is just stalling us while she’s finishing her breakfast or something,” Nalenne said resentfully. “Isn’t she.”

“My lord, as a Mandalorian it is entirely in character for her to attempt to wear us out through multiple mundane encounters.”

“If that was your idea of a mundane encounter,” said Kira, “I’m glad I’m not you.”
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