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Quote: Originally Posted by ShadzMGamez View Post
If you pick up the quest from the original quest giver, the cutscene still occurs. If you pick it up from the Heroic Mission Console, it skips it and drops you off at the entrance of the heroic.
I think this is fine, as people who typically want to do the heroics for loot will use the console.
We are talking about the "return quest" cutscene. If you pick up the quest from the questgiver, when you complete all the objectives you get the rewards instantly, the same as if you take the quest from the terminal. No return quest in both cases.
And this happens with the Exploration Missions also.

And I repeat: I understand players who are bored of doing dailies and seeing the cutscenes again and again, but there are new players that haven't seen the cutscenes, and even players like me that love to watch them! For that reason, the best way to make everyone happy is to make it OPTIONAL for everyone.