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Well, "fastest" is all going to be relative. Every way is going to take a long time.

Gift giving would theoretically be the fastest time, but availability of gifts is going to be a stumbling block. Even if you're willing to blow umpteen million credits on gifts, it's unlikely there will be enough for sale on the GTN at any given time.

Using Grade 5 gifts as a yardstick, and with the legacy perk that increases affection from gifts, it takes ~950 blues or ~475 purples (or some combination between them) to go from 10,000 affection to 250,000 affection.

If you have a huge stable of alts, you can send them out on gift gathering missions. The missions take about 15 minutes now -- but that's still going to take quite a while (particularly seeing as how only 10% - 20% of the gifts you get will be the "right" gift for the companion you're grinding affection).

Running the new Alliance missions will net you Grade 6 gifts. You can also purchase gifts at the vendor in exchange for data crystals. So doing things that get you data crystals will help speed things up.

Frankly, ALL methods are going to be a grind.

The only reason I was able to get a comp to max affection right away is due to the fact that I ran gift missions every single day across all of my alts for 2 months before 4.0 dropped. And even THAT wouldn't have been enough if it weren't for the fact that treasure hunting artifact fragments were changed to have a 1:1 exchange rate for purple gifts.
Not quicker, but simple and cheaper. It seems that the new rewards drops are mainly companion gifts. I've run about 8 of the Heroic Weeklys which involve running through the instance while your companion kills everything and ended up with a ton of purple level 5 & 6 gift missions.

Like you, I saw the hand writing and ran pre launch gift missions. I ended up with a cargo hold full of stacks each of 50+ missions, but have just left them. I don't have the will to sit and click on 100s of missions. I probably have enough to max level one companion. I also have a ton of the artifact fragments, but haven't bothered to turn them in. Just to much mindless grind and clicking to max out previously maxed out companions.