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The more I look at this, the more I am interested by "Spend-All Suicide Kings" type of system. For those of you that dont know, it is a marriage of DKP and Suicide Kings. Everybody collects a pre-set amount from a kill and you accumulate points. However, when you collect an item, your count is reset to zero regardless how many points you had. To me it is the closest thing to having a "need before greed/one drop a night" type of system.

Benefits Include:

Not having to set a manual entry for item amounts.
Adds a bit of chance.
Prevents hoarding, as it has a built-in decay system.
Easy to add new people in compared to standard suicide kings.
Very transparent to the raiders
Rewards, but not overrewards, regular attenders.
Can grant special bonuses(first group EV clear or whatnot).
Never faced with managing negative points as each kill grants points
Possibly use a loot council oversight for tied rolls.
We also use for our guild hosting which has this system built into it!

What do you folks think about that system?
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