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I'm not sure if this has been stated, but I believe that the most powerful Sith would've been Darth Nihilus, Lord of Hunger.

Yes, his boss fight was pretty laughably easy. But, in lore he has the ability to destroy entire planets just because of his hunger for the force. The boss fight wasn't difficult because The Exile was such a wound in the force that his, eh, appetite, wasn't as appealing as it was beforehand.

In terms of raw power, Nihilus wins hands down.
Eh, other sith have been able to destroy entire planets, and Im sure more than a few of the most powerful jedi could have as well. And none of them lost their minds to a hunger over it. Nihilus was -too- much of a big picture guy, to the point that he got killed by the little people way too easily.

Ya know, there was that Jedi apprentice back when Luke was first putting together the New Jedi order and Daala reared her ugly head. He burnt himself out, but he flung an entire fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers halfway out of the system. Dorsk 81, Mr. Clone dude. Pretty amazing.

Honestly, trying to judge who's the strongest by the things they've done doesn't really work. It helps us judge who took the most action yeah, but Luke is kinda a goodie goodie now, even with how old and powerful he is. We're never gonna see him do half the things evil really powerful dudes have done, mainly because he's not evil, just really powerful.