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If I were to try to choose a way to "fix" Warriors, I would simply say, try to cut out the fat. Have certain abilities replace other abilities in the list of Priorities for each different tree. Not through talents that increase damage by moderate amounts, but rather through interesting mechanics. Try to create a reason for pressing one button over another that is simply more than it hitting harder. Give Warriors a reason to hold onto Rage and truly manage it, rather than simply dumping it as soon as they get it. Implement more interesting mechanics like Marauder's Fury and make them more integral to actual damage rotations instead of utility.
Very good points all. Look to Troopers, for example. The Gunnery Commandos get an ability called "Grav Rounds." This ability is pretty much identical to a more base ability, except that it also applies a debuff to the target, and a buff to you, and syngergizes in a way that makes it entirely superior to the base "Charged Rounds" ability. As soon as you get Grav Rounds, you're free to drop Charged rounds entirely from your bar, because there's never again a point at which it is the superior ability to use. Sentinels should be the same way, once you get Zealous Strike, it should completely replace the default attack, not just be "better when it's not on cooldown," it should be better ALL the time, never on cooldown.

Every skill tree needs to winnow down your list of useful abilities, so that while the class might hand out two dozen different abilities, the skill choices you make should make only 3-4 of those abilities "awesome" for you under most circumstances, and then maybe another 4-5 "situational" abilities that you use from time to time, but really most of the abilities should fall into the "ok, but for someone else" category, because they're more balanced around a different tree or AC.

With my level 31 Commando my choices are VERY simple, almost too simple. If there are a ton of weak enemies and I don't have to worry about the cooldown? Mortar and then follow up with Hail of Bolts if many of them survive. If I can't handle the cooldown on Mortar, or it already is on cooldown, I use Plasma Grenade, then Hail of Bolts, then finish the rest off with whatever. If there is a strong and a weak enemy, I shoot the weak with Grav Rounds until dead, then spam Grav rounds on the strong, throwing in a Hammer Strike when I get the full 5x buff on it. If they are melee and get too close, Concussion Charge to knock them back. If they come close again, Stock Strike. Almost all of these abilities has been specifically buffed up by one of my talents.

Outside those eight abilities, I don't use much else. I use the defensive buff when I'm in a tough situation, The de-stun when stunned and it's important that stops, I use Full Auto when it's up to do some damage, but it'll be a couple levels before I get the skills that will make it AAA, Explosive Round has become completely pointless so I don't use it anymore, same with Charged Bolts. Sticky Grenade can be useful but it's pricey for what it does compared to later abilities so I tend to ignore it, Pulse Cannon is occasionally useful but only to polish off weak enemies, and Cryo Grenade is useful when fighting a tough boss to give my companion time to heal me.

My point is, I know my Commando character, I know which of his abilities are useful, and which are pointless. I never quite felt that with the Sentinel, all the abilities seemed useful at least some of the time, none of them seemed overly reliant or benefited by the skill trees, and even the ones that seemed at least partially obsolete, were still useful enough some of the time that I wanted to keep them handy. This would be fine if the game had macros, so that I could, say, bind Zealous Strike to the same key as the basic saber attack, such that if Zealous Strike were up, it would go off, if not, the basic attack would go off instead, then great, but in lack of such options, they need to make it so that all the go-to abilities can fit on the main bar, and any situationally useful abilities can fit on the second bar, and anything that can't fit on either should be completely useless to me.