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What! Did I miss Talk Like a Pirate Day?? Ah well, they'll have their chance...

Part 3-49. In which our heroes idle over heroes

This series has pervasive spoilers for the Shadow of Revan Rishi questline. It also regularly uses the chapter 3 titles for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor, along with the background of their companions.

With different mindsets we flirt,
A true tête-a-tête might not hurt.
First impressions aside,
Let’s open minds wide:
Common ground is as common as dirt.

“Duranium Man,” said Nalenne.

“Captain Kaas,” said Rho.


“Obviously I don’t agree with his principles, but I admire his single-mindedness in upholding them. He selflessly fights for what he believes in. And maybe he was manipulated into that position, but he never complains. He chose to trust his government to implement his enhancements and he uses them with judgment and loyalty.”

“And brings the crushing might of the Empire against Republic and Jedi.”

“Give me an opponent who fights for what he believes in over a wastrel like Duranium Man or a blind bruiser like the Remarkable Brute every time.”

“Wastrel, in possession of an ounce of style, same thing, right?”

“I’m a little surprised you didn’t say Scarlet Nexu, to be honest.”

“Is she really in S.A.B.E.R? Apart from that one crossover.”

“It counts.”

“And how do you know about Scarlet Nexu?”

Rho blushed darker green. “I did read the crossover when it came up. Honestly, she s-sort of reminds me of you.”

“I don’t know whether to be flattered or creeped out. Little of both.”

“So,” Kira said loudly, “you think we got their attention?”

“My lord,” added Quinn, “I need you to sign this.”

Nalenne, curious at the interruption, squinted at the datapad. “Quinn, this looks like a form, uh, 268 Format B, for approval to paint a ship.”

“Is it?” he said blandly. “Why yes, it’s so.”

“Why are we painting the Helicarrier?”

He straightened to a marginally crisper pose. “I have predicted a point three six two percent improvement in atmospheric maneuvering if we provide a fresh coat of paint, my lord.”

“That and he pulled up the first form he could find to shove in your face to get you to stop talking to Rho,” chirped Vette.

Quinn clamped his teeth together. “Vette…”

“Rho and I weren’t even talking,” said Nalenne. “I was talking and he was periodically making noise to convince himself this was a conversation.” She looked around. “Where’d he go, anyway?”

“Right around when Captain Smooth made his move Kira said she and Rho really needed to meditate,” said Vette, as cheerfully as before. “With those two I honestly can’t decide whether that’s a euphemism.”

“Eugh,” said Nalenne. “I think I need a drink after that mental image. Follow me, everybody.” She swept her cape around dramatically and started walking. “Captain Kaas,” she muttered. “Really.”

I like Captain Kaas,” muttered Quinn, in the tones of a man seriously reevaluating his life choices.
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