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Part 3-48. In which the plan is torched

This series has pervasive spoilers for the Shadow of Revan Rishi questline. It also regularly uses the chapter 3 titles for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor, along with the background of their companions.

Protection is tricky at best:
So you serve at somebody’s behest.
First here and then there,
Just guard everywhere,
Or you flub it and fail the test.

Rho and Nalenne stood awkwardly side by side.

“Are you sure you remembered the right address?” said Rho.

“I just want to know what burned this exact building to the ground without taking out the rest of the boardwalk,” said Nalenne.

An enterprising Devaronian had set up a desk next to the scorch mark and was loudly offering fabulous ready-to-build real estate here in highly desirable downtown.

Nalenne extended what passed for her non-combat Force sense into the drunkenly leaning remainders of support beams. “They aren’t in there.”

“Neither is anybody else,” said Rho.

“Right. I was going to care about that, too.”

There was a pause.

“You know,” said Rho, “when decency happens to coincide with self-interest I think there’s hope for you.”

“I will give that…flattery?...exactly the recognition it deserves,” said Nalenne. “Here, let’s try the holo.”

While the Devaronian started chatting up a Trandoshan in slick business wear, Nalenne pulled out her holo and dialed Lana Beniko.

“Who are we supposed to kill to find the Revanites if our non-combat minions are dead?” Nalenne said uneasily while the ringing went on.

“I can investigate. Teeseven will help slicing their systems.”

“Does your droid even know what undercover means?”

“He can learn,” Rho said stoutly.

“Republic technology,” scoffed Rutau. “My lord. Permission to go secure the Blaster’s Path?”

“Granted. Keep Hareth out of trouble. I’ll update you once – oh, there.”

Lana’s yellow hair might have been more mussed than usual. It was hard to tell. “Lord Wrath. Master Rho. I’m so relieved.”

“I couldn’t tell whether our emergency message made it out,” elaborated Theron. “You both there?”

Rho stepped in entirely too close. Nalenne was keenly aware of his hovering virtue field. “Yes, we’re all safe,” he said. “What happened?”

“Our cover was blown,” said Lana. “It can’t have been an accident, the destruction was too precise.”

“So,” said Kira. “We visit you and an hour later you’re on fire.”

“The mission has to go on,” said Theron. “It’ll take me some time to slice what I need to get you guys into the Nova Blade base. But once you’re in we need you ready to pull every file having to do with the Revanites. That hasn’t changed.”

“Yes,” said Lana. “We’ll just take our time finding a safer safe house.”

“You could stick with Insanity Company,” said Nalenne. “Nobody’s set them on fire yet.”

“Thanks,” said Theron, “but no thanks.”
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