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lol, the ONLY lucas canon, is the films.

you're wrong, on so many levels. you believe you're right, but then... most people do. problem with beliefs though, is people will fight and die for them, it's better to just have ideas, which can change as new information becomes available.

welcome to the darkside, believer.
How can you tell about my personality, if you even dont know me? I said my point, but that doesent mean, that it ill not change someday. i know everything about Star Wars canon, and I mean that I dont like alot of things, that dont belong to G-Canon. And I never even thought to be cycled on some belief and fight for it. I can discuss with someone my ideas, if they are different with someone, and if I was wrong, I can reconsider my views. But for now, I dont know any reason to think that I am wrong. And really, it's going offtop too hard. We can create some other topic, but discussing it here is wrong.
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