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Ah, fanfic, the refuge of the Internet-connected and bored...

Part 3-44. In which Nalenne and Rho prepare for the unknown

This series has pervasive spoilers for the Shadow of Revan Rishi questline. It also regularly uses the chapter 3 titles for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor, along with the background of their companions.

Dissimilar folk drawing nigh
May find enmity running high.
When gathered together,
These birds’ different feather
Can make it much harder to fly.

“Here we are,” said Rho. “Coordinates and everything.”

“We’re not going in alone,” said Nalenne.

“Why, that’s an excellent idea. Let’s bring our crews in.”

“‘Our’? Do you actually have friends here?”

They were trying to fix the Defender after a misunderstanding with some local ion cannons. I’ll call them.”

“Fine. Tell ‘em to meet – I sent Insanity Company to find a safe place to stay. Why don’t we go inform them they’re pirates now while we’re waiting for your crew to arrive?”

“Don’t we want to talk to the person who started the pirates rumor before we jump into the full impersonation act?”

Nalenne thought about it. Briefly. “No. Come on, I’ll call the company.”

They met in a stifling side-room in the Blaster’s Path cantina. The officership of Insanity Company were all in full uniform, tropical climate be damned. They stood to attention when Nalenne walked in.

And behind her…

“It’s the Hero of Tython!” In the time it took Captain Pandorr to say it, Captain Rutau and Lieutenant Ritter had already fired three blaster bolts each.

Rho whirled his saber out and deflected all six without looking particularly bothered.

“We’re keeping Rho for now,” Nalenne explained, thinking fast. “He’s bait.”

“Bait for…what, exactly?” said Rutau.

“Yes, what?” muttered Rho.

“That’s not important.”

“Query: Master, may I eliminate these undesirables now?”

“No,” said Rho. “We need to learn to work together.”

“Why,” Pandorr said flatly.

“Bigger fish to fry,” Nalenne said glibly. “Here’s the word. Someone spread word that Rho, Nis, and I head up the Red Trulls.”

“What?” said someone from the doorway.

“Hulls,” groaned Rho, covering his face.

“Hi, Kira,” said Jaesa.

“It’s a Jedi!” In the time it took Pandorr to say it, Lieutenant Hareth and Ensign Rylon had already fired three blaster bolts each. Rho and Kira deftly deflected.

“Can we please have a cease-fire long enough for me to finish a sentence?” said Nalenne.

“You tell ‘em,” Jaesa said.

“I didn’t say we were making friends with them,” said Nalenne. “Come on in, Kira. Doc. What’s-his-name. We were just discussing the fact that we’re the baddest pirates in all the galaxy. Well, we’re going to use that. It’ll be a lark.”

Vette shook herself. “Wait, this is fun now?”

“Sure! We’ll have the worst of the worst wetting themselves in terror because we might eat them! It’ll be great!”

“Uh, Rho?” said Kira.

“The whole town has already decided I’m a pirate cannibal,” said Rho. “I don’t see what else we could do. Except, maybe…” he got a lot more diffident… “we could get hats?”

“Pirate hats? Find me one that fits and I’ll sign up,” said Vette.

Jaesa spoke up. “Master, shouldn’t we find out who started these rumors before we–”

“Take control of them? Not at all. I think it’ll be fun.”

“So we’re going to be the Red Hulls,” said Rutau. “But we’re still working for the Empire?”

“Of course we are,” said Nalenne.

Rho made a small sad noise.

“We’re working for the greater good as long as that means the Empire,” clarified Nalenne in what she hoped was a conciliatory tone.

What’s-his-name growled. but Rho nodded grudging agreement. “We are getting the hats, though, right?”

“Of course we’re getting hats,” Nalenne said graciously. “Let’s go do that. And then practice being fearsome pirates.”

“I am not switching out my leg,” Rutau said loudly.

“Yeah,” said Ritter, “but you’re still getting a monkey-lizard.”

“They’re tetchy about those here,” warned Nalenne. “Let’s go.”
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