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Loot Council - Group of officers distribute the raid based on the needs of the guild. Pros: The needs of the guild are met, and little maintenance. Cons: Possible hurt feelings, and feeling by members that they have no say-so in matters.
This is the worst of all systems because much like Communism it only works on paper. In the short term your guild will trust what the officers say, but in the long term enough people will feel slighted that items are only going to the favorites (true or not). Eventually this system will tear the guild apart as members split off until it finally dies.

DKP(zero sum or simple)
This is the best and simplest system to use, you get DKP for attendance and supporting the guild. All members of a raid force will be used to this system and those who do not will weed themselves out. The only major problem with this system is the actual DKP number for drops as there is no long standing system as with other games. I would suggest creating an excel spread sheet and use a base number for blues/oranges/purples by slot. That why you can adjust it as needed based on stats and items that will actually be used and those that will be left to rot (companion bait 1/3 DKP).

As for the management problems you need to have an active and well performing core group of officers that will take responsibility for the guild. I would suggest updating the DKP points every 2-3 days and rotating its management to a different officer every two weeks, this will weed out officers that can't cut and should be removed.