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12.28.2011 , 07:57 AM | #112
I know Revan is a fan-favorite and everything, but I fail to see why anyone would think he was the strongest EVER. Very likely the strongest of his generation, but I've seen nothing that would make me think he was really the greatest of all time.

And Kreia even said to the Exile that she's the greatest she's ever trained. That includes Revan too, huh. Personally I prefer her to Revan, although her existance doesn't seem to even be acknowledged in canon. Not in ToR at least.

And going by accomplishments alone, Palpatine was definitely the number 1 sith. The only sith ever to actually rule the galaxy. There is also Bane, who started the Sith on a thousand year path to victory. It was his ideas (heavily influenced by Revan in fact) that gave the sith their means to victory.