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So, as me and my guild have discussed about upcoming raiding is that this raid system is far more complex than previous unmentioned games. In the past we have been able to handle this with a simple need before greed master-looted roll system. However, the more I look at this system the more I see that not fitting. Here are some scenarios:

Somebody needs the item and can equip it right then.
Somebody needs the item after crafting, buying, or applying mods to it.
Somebody needs the item for all the mods, and then will discard the item.
Somebody needs the item for some of the mods, and then will discard the item.
Somebody needs just one of the mods from the item.
Somebody wants the "graphics" of the item and will discard the mods.
Somebody wants any combination of the above for offspec.
Somebody wants any combination of the above for their companion.

Im sure there are possibly some more reasons, but as you can see this is pretty complex. We have discussed various methods to handle loot distribution and I was wondering everybody else's opinion on the options:

Loot Council - Group of officers distribute the raid based on the needs of the guild. Pros: The needs of the guild are met, and little maintenance. Cons: Possible hurt feelings, and feeling by members that they have no say-so in matters.

DKP(zero sum or simple) - Raiders are rewarded points based on raid clearing, and can redeem those points for loot. Pros: people with good attendance get rewarded more, allows people who need the loot in any degree of severity to have possible access to loot. Cons: Hoarding points, high management time.

Suicide Kings - A DKP variant that sets each person on a 1-16 scale and when distributing loot you go by the scale starting with 1 and ending with 16 and if it lands on a person who can use AND has the DKP AND wants the item they can go for it. Pros: prevents the hoarding of conventional DKP, and introduces more randomness. Cons: Very complex to manage.

Please list out any other pros/cons or any other comments or methods of loot distribution.
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