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Empire "Light Side" choices are much more "Lawful Neutral" than anything.

Take for instance choosing to spare The General in the Black Talon quest. Yes, you're not outright killing him, but you are pretty much condoning him to being horrifically tortured (he even says this when you take him prisoner) followed by what will probably be a painful execution once they're done with him. This is the light side option but purely because you're not killing him on the spot.

Another example is the power cores quest on Hutta. You're asked by some starving work hands to find them some wasted power converters in the rust yards, charge them up and return them so they can be traded for food. As you're about to charge them up the Foreman appears and tells you that his family will be killed by his employer if any more power is lost (his employer being the person you've been fighting this whole zone). The LIGHT SIDE option is to not do it, but you are therefore condeming the slaves to slowly die of starvation. The DARK SIDE option is to get the slaves what they need to live, even if you let the Foreman go so he can get his family out. Again, you're deemed "Light" or "Dark" purely on the knee jerk consequence where you stand rather than what occurs afterwards.

The issue with trying to slap a generic Black and White label on a game that is very much grey in many places leaves it looking more like Lawful Stupid versus Chaotic Dumb which is why Paragon v Renegade in Mass Effect worked much better. You fight for a tyrannical militaristic dictatorship but you don't need to be a dick about it.
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