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Considering every Flashpoint is on the fleet, I wouldn't oppose a YOUR SERVER ONLY grouping system.

The knee jerk reaction for not wanting such a system is simply "WoW did it, I don't want to associate with that game any more so I flame anything that so much as has a shade of blue they used".

Cross-server grouping did kick 'community' in the bollocks a fair amount, but frankly what kind of community did WoW have in the first place? It was hardly stellar at the best of times anyway. Another issue with the LFG System was that it cut out any travelling to instances whilst in TOR (as I have already mentioned) they are all aboard the fleets anyway.

So, maybe have a LFG System but only for your own server, or just have a global LFG channel so people can do other stuff than squat in the fleet for hours.
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