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It's not really like LGBT members such as myself are hoping to turn the game into nothing but a romantic simulation, with moon-lit dinners and strolls on the beach.

Romance is already in the game. It is a nice bonus, and provides a vast opportunity for roleplaying purposes and character-interaction, which this entire game is about. It's no more creepy than the people who originally asked Bioware to make Tali a romance option in Mass Effect. (Granted, that got creepy after-the-fact when people began to break down the chemical composition of her sweat... But I digress!)

Besides, that is neither here nor there. Bioware has already confirmed that it *will* be added. The only question left is how they will add it.

Just... *sigh*
No. Slippery slope does not work like that. At the very least, I'm glad you didn't mention "animals" in that list.
But the game already has interspecies romance. Sith Warrior/Vette springs to mind immediately.
And as for multiple partners? Jade Empire. As a male character, you could end up having a male character get into a threesome with Dawn Star and Silk Fox.
Did I mention that they were cousins?

To restate myself, the topic is now invalid. It was a plea for a confirmation or denial of whether s/s romance would be added.

It will be.

This is not a topic about whether you believe it should or not.

maybe a parental notification for parents to check mark wether or not they want their kids same sex campanion putting the digs on their kids character...

While we are at it though bioware should allow multiple husbands / wives campanions and inter species relationships since that would only be fair to cover all aspects of role playing and game enjoyment. Surely diversity knows no bounds...
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