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12.28.2011 , 06:41 AM | #7
Did this quest tonight from republic side... here's the safe way.

You come into an area, behind you is some droids for another quest, in front of you is the walkway down into the pvp/imperial zone, and two side walkways (left and right). On the right walkway is a lvl 50 wtfpwnmobile guard, on the left is 1 group of 3 elites, and then to the left of said pwnmobile a group of 2 elites (I think that group of two has a champion). Those two groups can be killed, and you can walk along the left path (killing regular lvl 30 elites groups) along the way. Also, we managed to weave our way underneath following the walkway down, but it was packed with mobs.

Hope this helps, sorry that's about as descriptive as i can get.