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OK im sure this will be the stupidest question you've all heard....but i CAN NOT figure out/ find where i go or how I can start the damn game!!!!: I have everything downloaded-- paid in full --all the security questions answered...EVERYTHING I'm ready to go but i cant find the damn "START" button!!!! I'm ready to start making my character and I'm just going in frakkin circles reading everything over and over...ALL DAMN NIGHT!! HELP ME OBI WAN KENOBI!!!!!!!!!! where do I go what do I do!!!!!!!!!!!!
Open the launcher, log in, and there should be a big 'Play' button. Press that, and the game launches.

Then when the game launches, a movie clip will play. You can skip it if you want. Then you'll come to the server selection screen. Select one with a lower population (to avoid queues), of the type you want, and you will be automatically forwarded to character creation.