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Part 3-30. A second poetic interlude

My apologies in advance.

Modernized limericks for the usual suspects (spoilers for Sith Warrior Act 3):

A trooper of ego unmatched,
A Twi’lek, a padawan snatched,
A loyal retainer
And one slick no-brainer:
Thus Warrior parties are hatched.

‘No-brainer’ sounds harsher than needed,
Especially since he’s defeated.
Smart or dumb as believed,
We’re all just relieved
His dastardly plan was impeded.

A Twi’lek named Vette, treasure-seeker,
Her silver tongue never gets weaker.
She’ll talk off an ear
If you let her; I hear
She mellows but never gets meeker.

A studious padawan (former)
May become a covert grand reformer.
To focus the light
Through what’s wrong to what’s right
Takes a steady and skillful performer.

On Taris a trooper was part
Of an effort one might call non-start.
He schemed an escape
With a Sith in a cape
Who would grant action close to his heart.

There once was a murderous Talz
With assortments of fierce battle calls.
We quickly see through him:
To all those who knew him
He had grade-A durasteel…nerves.
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