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Quote: Originally Posted by Graburr View Post
seriously, I've read a lot of arguments pro/con dungeon finder with a lot of comparisons, but yours won the top spot for being the most rubbish.
so rubbish actually you're a hot contender for the lifetime award....
What your statement and the apocalyptic arguments against a group-finding tool have in common is the complete absence of any basis, which isn't surprising. The only thing missing is a shot at WoW. If you want to talk about rubbish, there's your insistence that your mere opinion is worth something and doesn't need an explanation. Of course, what else should anyone expect from someone that somehow failed to see the connection between the lack of a meaningful consequence that a group-finding tool would have for people that don't want to use such a thing and the lack of a meaningful consequence for heterosexual couples if marriage is opened to same-sex partnerships. Besides the sound of you breathing from your mouth, I mean.