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Bioware already said they have huge plans for companions and relationships, but only so much could be added now at launch, Soon same sex relationships and so on will also be added, As of now a few options are in but not explorable at the moment. More will be comming, Just dont rush.

Rushing was the fall of DC Universe online, had awesome content but everyone was end game in a month or two and slowly left the game after doing all the raids, Take ya time, explore other Class stories and so on, see the other companions out there ^.^. DOnt rush the game, Lets enjoy the experience and keep things alive, Lets not get to the point where we are threatening to leave unless bioware gives content now.

>_> Yeah er... didnt mean to hijack the topic with my mini rant ^.^; I just wanna romance Mako
This. This right here. Everyone's in such a hurry to add this, this, and this to the game when it hasn't even been out a month yet! I'm sure every idea has at least been considered and will probably even be added sometime in the future far or near, but it's the anticipation of something more to come that keeps us interested not just the game itself. I'd say the game started with just what it needs, save a couple of minor fixes. But yes let us soak up what we have and just enjoy it while it's going so we don't get through it so quick we miss out on all the other plans they have in store for us!

And I would soooo love to romance Aric Jorgen. Omg that Cathar, that Cathar, that Cathar! Lol