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Part 3-21. In which technology is discovered

This series has pervasive spoilers for the Shadow of Revan introduction, Forged Alliances. It also regularly uses the chapter 3 titles for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor, along with the background of their companions.

A vandal and thief may well know
In adventures just which way to go.
No matter the day
There’s one way to earn pay:
A smash’n’grab’s standard M.O.

Nalenne’s holo kept buzzing as she, Niselle, and their crews smashed their way through the cramped underwater laboratory. “Crush this security console. Investigate that databank. Release that Wookiee. Watch out for an order of Force users neither Jedi nor Sith.”

“You know,” shrieked Nalenne over the sound of her own lightsaber, “some people do the briefing before the mission.”

Niselle directed her lightning to another console and roasted it. “We seem to be muddling through,” she said, smirking.

Lana’s voice crackled over the holo. “I’ve met our potential ally, who’s already proved quite resourceful. He’s noted strange power signatures in your vicinity. He believes they may be emanating from Rakata technology.”

“We can break that,” said Nalenne.

“No!” squeaked Talos from behind.

“Who invited him?” said Nalenne.

Niselle scoffed. “I don’t know. Who invited that idiot with the itty-bitty pistol?”

Quinn stoically shot down another Selkath.

As they continued tearing their way down into the depths of the laboratory, another voice came through, male, unfamiliar. “Hi. You don’t know me, but I’m here with Lana. She’s meditating, using her connection with Darth Arkous to pinpoint his location.”

“Did you feel that?” said Nalenne.

“Yes,” said Niselle. “We’re not going to like this, are we.”

“We can always kill him when we meet him,” volunteered Andronikos.

“She wanted you to know if I found anything, and I did,” said the voice. “Energy readings from Gorima’s lab. Rakata technology’s firing up like crazy in there. Don’t know for sure what’s going on, but I can pretty much guarantee it’s got to be stopped.”

“Genetic experiments for third-party galactic powers? I should like to see them get started,” said Niselle.

“Nis,” said Nalenne. “We are Team Sith.”

“Yes, and disloyalty is in our blood. You can’t blame me.”

Through more doors and over more disgruntled Selkath, until finally they burst through the door (courtesy of some of Pierce’s choice charges) and into a cluttered lab where a tube-infested Selkath lay squirming on a table. Behind him, something else squirmed in a more abject-cowardice kind of way.

“Kill it,” said Niselle, without specifying further.

“Right then,” said Andronikos, and tossed a concussion grenade. Khem Val and Broonmark raced in its wake.

Nalenne closed in shortly thereafter, looking down at the unmodified Selkath who now lay still. “Do you suppose that was Gorima?”

“Does he have a nametag?” Andronikos said dryly.

Broonmark hooked something with one black claw. “Gorima,” he buzzed. “Revanite clan’s experiments are over.”

“Oh,” said Nalenne. “Good for us!”

“Can you actually understand what that thing is saying?” said Niselle.

“Yes,” said Nalenne. “Can you actually understand what your big hulking swordsman is saying?”

“No,” said Khem Val.

“Of course I do,” said Niselle, shifty-eyed. “At all times.”

Suddenly a spinning molecular diagram holo off to the side went up in a howl of smoke. Everyone turned to look at Pierce, who had his blaster rifle out and glowing.

“Just in case,” he said, shrugging.

“We should really sweep/loot the room,” said Talos/Vette. Talos continued: “Just think what we could learn from this Rakatan technology!” And, together, “We could study/sell it and learn/earn so much!”

They threw one another disgusted looks. “Yeah,” Vette added. “Study. I meant that, too.”

With an abrupt screech the spoke ill of the lab’s structural design, one whole wall slid aside, revealing two figures behind glass or something tougher than glass: Darth Arkous and an even taller Human in dead-giveaway white uniform armor.

“Called it,” said Niselle.
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