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Most often dungeons, if you will, were skipped as a person leveled in favor of going to the max cap level. Usually because people did not want to or could not find groups. Lets face it who wants to spend 2 hours looking for a group for a dungeon when your gear will be obsolete 2 levels later. I know some will. SWTOR is brand new right now so going into the Flashpoints as you level is in the honeymoon stage. As more and more people level up their first toon and find out about end game in SWTOR that will dictate how they level up subsequent toons. If in about a year people choose to level an alt and forgo the flashpoints in favor of going max is something that will need to be seen. Thta has happened in every MMO I have ever been in.

I started MMO's in '05 and have pretty much been a part of all the major ones since then, plaus have gone back to all time fav's like EQ and NVN.