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12.28.2011 , 02:21 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Trygorn View Post
All I can read from your post is: whine whine, loot loot loot loot loot and lootwhore.

You know this will have bugs, you know patches might make it buggier or not, these things happen. Is it fun there are bugs? No.

But making a constructive post makes things A LOT easier then your "whine whine I didn't get any loot"-post.

Saying things like: BW, there are still a few bugs in EV:

1) Killing the mindtraps after we killed SOA let's people bug out and can't do anything.
2) It seems the tank can now be mindtrapped, should not happen?
and so on..

All you did was again, whine about fricking loot.

To be honest he can whine all he wants for a couple reasons. One, this game went through EXTENSIVE testing. I understand there's going to be a few small bugs, but there are still problems with the most basic of things. Things that prevent raids from even progressing. Two, this forum isn't titled "bug reporting" so he has no obligation to do so. Until there's a bug reporting forum, we'll save that for in-game tickets.