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12.28.2011 , 02:00 AM | #1
Holy hell was this a frustrating night. Went through EV tonight until the 4th boss, the counsel or whatever. As soon as one person would attack his target, everyone would get the stupid debuff and be rendered useless. Add this to random dying while standing out of combat (apparently someone spread anthrax on the speeder) a bugged pylon boss twice (no response from the turnwheels) and loot being impossible to distribute without a headache and you have one shatty night.

On top of this, I got two pieces of unassembled columni gear. Now, I knew the sets had set bonuses even though they don't show so after trying to research the sets online I was unable to find any information about which sets offered which bonuses...

Okay, so I figure if I pick the piece of gear that has the best stats for my corruption sorcerer, the set bonus will affect me.

Wrongggg. I pick the piece for the lightning spec. Apparently I'm supposed to pick the piece with higher endurance and lower willpower as a healer. Who knew.

Incredibly disappointed with the basic things this game is lacking and is bugged with. With the amount of time and testing put into this game, I find it slightly unbelievable

Does anyone want to try and make my night a little better and tell me what site or where I can go to in order to see the set bonuses offered by each set of gear?