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Part 3-10. In which the Council chambers are explored

This series has pervasive spoilers for the Shadow of Revan introduction, Forged Alliances. It also regularly uses the chapter 3 titles for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor, along with the background of their companions.

This story contains the names and broad caricatures of characters found in the Jedi Knight Belsavis, Sith Warrior Balmorra, Imperial Hoth, and Imperial Taris.

A willing desire to share
Won’t cover one’s wonderful chair.
The furniture earned
is important, we’ve learned
And belongs in one’s own private lair.

The invasion was closing on the chambers of the Dark Council. Insanity Company’s officers were converging from their sweep of the Korriban Academy.

“Has anyone seen a classroom yet?” Rutau said disdainfully.

“I think there were killing-people-a-lot rooms,” said Ensign Rylon. “We ought to ask about getting some of those for the troops.”

“You run out of Republic soldiers faster than you might expect,” said Pandorr.

Lieutenant Pierce spat. “You can say that again.”

Hareth looked downright cheerful. “We truly channeled the Emperor’s fury when we bathed this ground in the blood of our enemies!”

“She is the Wrath,” Ritter said reasonably, jerking his thumb toward Nalenne. “Wrath. Fury. Furiath? Pandorr could probably make a really awkward combination of the two.”

“Awkward?” said Pandorr. “That was brilliant!”

Niselle and Nalenne made for the great double doors. No one was holding them for the simple reason that the guards in charge of holding them had died in the original incursion.

Niselle coughed. Loudly.

Rutau and Quinn caught on in time to sprint forward and pull the heavy doors open. Nalenne smiled brightly at them both as they passed.

The vast room with its twelve high-backed stone chairs (none for the Wrath, a point Nalenne made early and often) stood empty but for one oversized Jedi in duranium armor. He was seated in Niselle’s chair with his legs crossed.

“Oh you picked the wrong chair,” seethed Niselle.

“Is someone getting pictures of this?” Nalenne stage-whispered. “Because we need pictures.”

“Oh,” said the Jedi. “You’re here.”

“Were you hoping to keep that seat?” Niselle said bitterly.

“No,” he said. “It’s just that my purpose is already served. You can stop what’s happening.”

“What’s happening is you’re in my seat!” shrieked Niselle.

“And, hilarious though that is, if I don’t get a seat you definitely don’t,” called Nalenne, and charged.

The Jedi surged to his feet, saber suddenly at the ready. “The Force give us strength!”

“Whoa,” said Nalenne, swinging. “Two problems. Royal we? And second, Force-gives-strength is my line.”

“Or are you just getting in character?” sulked Niselle. “You know, for Dark Council amateur hour.”

“Oh, I was exactly what I needed to be. And you’re too late.” He raised his other hand and snapped his fingers. Small probe droids hovered out from all directions.

“FORCE DAMMIT,” said Nalenne, and fought on.

“Focus fire on the droids,” ordered Quinn, switching his blaster’s fuel cell while he kept his eyes riveted on his wife. “As for the Jedi…watch and learn.”
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