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Girl gamer chiming in - there is literally nothing appealing about this guy. He is an ant. He only ever talks about ants, the hive or finding other hives, and if I leave his armor piercing combat stance on then he stands in the storeroom of my ship pumping out a nasty green pheromone cloud.

Whoever wrote this particular romance - why is the only option for a female Imperial Agent a dehumanized bugman? The flirt options are so ridiculously contrived, he sits there nattering away about his ants and all of a sudden I come out with "HOW ABOUT SOME ALONE TIME WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE" and he's all "that would be nice, also THE HIVE IS CALLING ME I HEAR THE SONG OF THE UNIVERSE!"

The whole point of a good romance subplot is the object of your character's affections is meant to have some likable qualities. This dude is repellent, it's like trying to flirt with a rock. A rock covered in ants. I'm keeping up with the romance sub-plot purely because I keep thinking "There's GOT to be something that saves this from being completely awful...right?" and like a car accident, I just can't quite look away.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying romance sub-plots should be lovey-dovey cuddlefests, but this guy kind of makes me throw up in my mouth a bit.
Oh god.....rofl. I wanna see this now.

And with a name like "Vector Hyllis" did you really expect something different?
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Well it won't be a release date or anything like that. Probably some lame update about polishing rocks or cleaning windows for SWTOR. Maybe a cafeteria workers perspective on what serving lunch in the Bioware office is like.