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12.28.2011 , 01:08 AM | #1
It seems several things are going on that prevents most groups I'm in from starting the flashpoint convo at the quest terminal. Either people are doing the daily version, or people starting it for the first time have already started the quest dialogue on their own before joining the group.

Is there anyway to join the conversation? Does a player who's already done it, and doing the daily, never able to join the starter convo with first-timers? Can they do it if everyone is doing it as a daily? Similarly, if a first-timer already started the dialogue, can the drop the quest, get it shared by another first-timer who didn't start the convo, so everyone can join the convo?

For me, it's about all those missing social points. Every flashpoint I get, I can't join starter convo's whether I'm doing it for the first time, or doing it again as a daily. I think social points are a great way to get players to group beyond loot, but the feature is a failure if everyone can't join the starter convo.