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Part 3-8. In which reinforcements arrive

This series has pervasive spoilers for the Shadow of Revan introduction, Forged Alliances. It also regularly uses the chapter 3 titles for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor, along with the background of their companions.

This story contains the names and broad caricatures of characters found in the Jedi Knight Belsavis, Sith Warrior Balmorra, Imperial Hoth, and Imperial Taris.

For the desperate, the dark and the dire
A competent touch is required.
Insanity may
Be the watchword that day
When frying pan meets with the fire.

The Method was waiting alongside Korriban’s orbital station, which had through an accident of geometry stayed out of the line of fire. The officers of Insanity Company had disembarked to meet Nalenne’s party.

“My lord!” Captain Rutau snapped to attention. “It’s an honor, my lord.”

“Captain, I practically live on board your ship. I see you at breakfast every day. You can cut the formalities.”

“My lord!” Lieutenant Hareth snapped to attention. “It’s an honor, my lord.”

Nalenne rolled her eyes.

“My lord,” said Ensign Durmat Rylon, snapping to attention, then thought better of it. “Er, hi.”

“Shouldn’t we be doing something about the Republic offensive?” said Captain Pandorr. “It looks terribad out there.”

“Quite,” said Quinn. “My lord?”

“Yes, let’s land,” said Nalenne.

“We’ll get every last one of ‘em,” said Ensign Rylon, stroking his vibroknife.

“For the glory of the Emperor,” blazed Lieutenant Hareth. “To die on the sands of Korriban–”

“Is a Jedi-only activity,” Quinn said firmly.

“There is no requirement for dying for the glory of the Emperor here today,” added Rutau. Hareth sulked.

“Never been to a sand planet before,” said Lieutenant Ritter. “Is it better or worse than snow? – Trick question. Everything’s better than snow.”

“I’m gonna go with tactful silence on that one,” said Vette.

“Come on,” said Rutau, “our shuttle’s this way.”

Nalenne’s holo crackled. “Are you here yet?” came Niselle’s thin and irritable voice.

“Working on it,” snapped Nalenne. “This is Insanity Company. No one gets left behind.”

Hareth raised a finger. “Except Lieutenant Ritter, that one time.”

Pandorr scoffed. “Oh, he walked it off just fine.”

Ritter scowled and stoicked*.

“That’s the spirit,” Rutau said brightly. “Now, come on. On your word, sir."

Quinn nodded crisply. "For the Empire!”


* Stoic (v) (past tense stoicked): To stand stoically. And refuse to respond in a normal human manner to anything. See also “being Malavai Quinn.” (etymology: this is not a real verb)

** Lieutenant Hareth was demoted from Colonel after her role in the Jedi Knight line on Belsavis. Captain Pandorr was picked up from his station on Taris. Lieutenant Ritter was promoted after his role on Hoth. Captain Rutau was promoted after his role on Balmorra. Ensign Durmat Rylon was transferred after his role in the Sith Warrior line on Balmorra.
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