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I read that you can take three gathering/mission skills rather than take a crafting one.

Did any beta players do this and would you recommend it for someone who isn't a crafting fiend?

I did a lot of gathering in LotRO, selling it all at the AH, and was never really short of cash. Would kinda prefer to do that in SWTOR and feed all the crafters, but is it a viable route to take?
I did this with one toon in beta and kinda liked it. I figured that with all the money I would pile up, I could buy whatever I needed. Plus, I didn't have to go looking for materials needed to craft (like I would have on an other toon I made with a crafting skill if I had really cared (if it had not been beta)).

At the very least, later toons could have crafting skills, and then your first guy could keep them supplied. Also, this decision isn't set in stone, you can always drop a gathering skill later and pick up a crafting skill. The only down side would be not having a matching gathering skill to level at the same time.

Good luck!