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Until the conditions in my quote are met, they are mistaken.

Let me also add that looking good should not be strictly reserved for the end game. Crafters need to be able to make Orange gear from level 15 or so on up.
They can. My level 19 sage synthweaver already has 2 different orange patterns. I also have a few patterns I'm not able to learn yet.
Partially moddable premium (green) items were removed as they essentially lied to the players: an item missing a mod slot would never be able to match a high end non-moddable item. Instead, to compensate for the loss of diversity, orange versions of all green armors was created and given to the crafters. So, yes, if you see a green armor you really like, you still can have that appearance until end level. It does take a bit of work - you either need to become a crafter yourself, befriend one or trawl the GTN.

(Note: recipes for those orange appearances are discovered through Underworld Trading missions.This allows us to have a truly large number of those recipes without overwhelming the crafting trainer inventory. As a side effect, this opens up class quest green armor appearances from other classes as well as long as you fulfill the armor requirements.)