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Part 3-4. In which Nalenne and Niselle make battle plans on the fly

This series has pervasive spoilers for the Shadow of Revan introduction, Forged Alliances. It also regularly uses the chapter 3 titles for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor, along with the background of their companions.

When foes are ka-boomed and ker-splatted,
Defense and morale are combatted.
We all know what’s done:
The work is such fun
When insult’s to injury added.

"Droid-dammit," huffed Nalenne, and lopped the head off another gangly combat droid. As the Jedi had not yet got the hang of putting their critical processing somewhere less vulnerable, the droid dropped like a sack of desh. "Where did the actual Jedi go? I could swear we had one in here somewhere."

"Stealth, my lord," reported Quinn. "Reconfiguring my data scanner no-urk."

"NONE OF THAT." Nalenne leaped to swing her saber, a desperate attempt to rescue Quinn from anything and everything.

He held very, very still. "It's nothing, my lord. I just stepped on one of these..." He turned up his boot to reveal a stiff metal corkscrew, still smoking..."things."

"Droids." That's when Nalenne felt the saber whoosh behind her head. She whirled and engaged.

Once the last of the droids were down, and their little master too, Nalenne surveyed the freshly durasteel-carpeted field. "Nis?"


"I think the entire Jedi curriculum just flashed before our eyes."

“I think you’re right. Sad, really.”

They pressed on up the stairs.

The foyer had seen better days, for instance yesterday or possibly this morning. Now a huge holocron sculpture had rolled back into the embrace of the twin curving stairs. The twin curving stairs were cracked and scattered with debris.

And, all over the floor, in some cases perched on larger fallen rocks, were Jedi.

The whole room shook. Everyone looked up. Nalenne frowned. "Guys? You can stop now. Quinn. Tell them to stop now. Orbital bombardment is not how I want to go."

"Right away, my lord." Quinn took out his holo.

"We could just step outside and let them get crushed," said Niselle. "Like you just told us not to do."

"What, and miss a brawl like this? I think-" Nalenne stuck her saber out to the side and skewered a leaping Jedi "-not."

Before the fight was even over Quinn trotted over to a console and started typing. A well-exercised and cheerful Nalenne caught up. “So?”

“Up those stairs and around here are the Jedi Council chambers,” said Quinn. “I recommend–”

“A photo shoot,” said Niselle. “Of course. Let’s kill everyone and then get pictures sitting in their chairs. Darth Arkous wanted a morale hit? The HoloNet will love it. And so will everyone who ever had a bone to pick with the Republic.”

Nalenne nodded, only partially convinced. “Then we scour the whole place top to bottom. With lightsabers.”

“Obviously,” said Niselle, rolling her eyes. “I wasn’t going to skip that.”
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