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The issue hasn't been ignored by Bioware. They've responded countless times stating that with the mod system an appearance tab isn't needed.

That's Bioware disagreeing with you, not ignoring you.
Until the conditions in my quote are met, they are mistaken.

Let me also add that looking good should not be strictly reserved for the end game. Crafters need to be able to make Orange gear from level 15 or so on up.

Quote: Originally Posted by ColonelKer-Nal View Post
I just want to clarify my own position here. I'm OK with the current system IF and only if every piece of gear has a fully modable (aka Orange) version and said modable version is craftable.

IOW as long as the current system is as flexible as a full blown Appearance Tab I'm good with it. If it's not, well the devs need to address that. Between the lame-*** character creation (5 hairstyles that don't look like emo, punk, or gang nonsense out of 30? Really? No real blonde color? Really? No redhead color? No shading on hair? And that's only ONE facet of this sucktastic, 7 year old character creator), and the overblown ego of the art department that is going to get their feelings hurt if I don't display their clown suits... Well I'm PAYING to play this game, and I'm not going to get attached to my character if I don't like the way they look.

Maybe this garbage is ok for the WoW kiddies who don't know any better, but I've been playing a different MMO for the past 7 years and expect TOR to reflect its 2011 creation date. Particularly given their repeated boasts that this will have all the features of a triple A title. So far, that's a very empty boast.
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