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Part 3-3. In which Nalenne and Niselle land on Tython

This series has pervasive spoilers for the Shadow of Revan introduction, Forged Alliances. It also regularly uses the chapter 3 titles for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor, along with the background of their companions.

Tython, the Jedi retreat
Has never known loss or defeat.
Unless you pre-date,
in which case your fate
was sealed by said Jedi, tout-suite.
(This limerick dedicated to the Flesh Raiders.)

Lieutenant Pierce touched his rifle’s barrel to the ground and ripped out the smoking plasma canister before fitting another in its place. He looked up at Nalenne and beamed. “Best. Assignment. Ever.”

“We haven’t even hit the Jedi yet,” said Nalenne, scanning the battlefield. All along the forested ridge, droids and hapless Republic soldiers were charging and screwing it up. Niselle and Xalek were linked furies of lightning, apparently competing for the crown of “least efficient mass murderer on the field.” Ashara was yelling objections of some sort even while she swung her mismatched green sabers, Nalenne wasn’t really clear on that. Andronikos appeared to be hefting a pistol in one hand and an oversized flask in the other, rampaging through a drinking game of his own device. Talos appeared to be taking notes. Khem Val waded through the damned like he’d been born for this. To be fair, after a thousand years of nothing pretty much any movement would feel like he’d been born for it. The point was, however, he seemed ready and eager for the work at hand or at claw.

On Nalenne’s side, Jaesa, sniffling a little, had refused Nalenne’s offer of a tour and instead volunteered to stay with the shuttle. Vette was trailing Nalenne with a big burlap sack for trophy lightsabers, leaving Broonmark and Pierce to flank Nalenne while Quinn took advantage of the chaos to surgically excise droids from the field. For once she let his affinity for murderbots go unremarked. It was just so satisfying to watch droids seize up and fall over.

Satisfying, and yet…“Nis?” yelled Nalenne as she launched herself at another knot of Republic defenders.

“What?” Niselle yelled, irritably. Her next bolt of Force lightning arced over Khem Val and took out his two next targets. The woman never did know to respect a kill.

“Have you noticed that the Jedi’s first line of defense is non-Jedi?” yelled Nalenne.

“Hm. I was just thinking these were too easy.”

“If I don’t actually get to fight Jedi on this expedition there’s going to be hell to pay back with Arkous.”

“We’ll find someone.”

“We better.”

The ball of Sith destruction rolled on.
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