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You talk about 'F' for Crouch(cover) and the middle mouse for Taking cover(or rolling into cover, or putting up portable cover) when in fact the F key will do both. In the early stages of Beta there was a difference between the two, now it seems that they are on in the same.

1.If you have no target 'F' will put up PC.
2.If you have a target and there is no gumby 'F' will put up PC
3.If you have a target and there is a gumby 'F' will roll you into the gumby.

With rolling into a gumby bugging out Aimed Shot I just run to the cover spot and use Shift+F.

Great write up by the way.

I forget about which one does which ('F' and Middle MOUSE), as I switched them around. But I found it useful to use keys for both. I use middle mouse much more often, because it gives you the ability to choose the direction you're facing much more easily.

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As a gunslinger, does portable cover completely replace the crouch ability or can you switch between natural, portable, and crouching cover?


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Wow heck of a nice guide! What do you recommend for the skill tree you've mentionned some of the cool and must have skills.

But I did not find yet how many points total do we have for the skill tree anywhere. Do we have a maximum amount total or per spec? If we do have a limited amount what are the skills we should have and the points to put in there besides the ones you've mentionned?

That is if you are comfortable sharing your build

I haven`t gotten my starship yet, is there anything worth mentionning for the Smuggler in there? Such has which kind of upgrade should we focus on getting or which part should we focus on upgrading?
You get 41 points total, I believe. And I went mostly with the Sharpshooter tree. Have been liking it. While I'm only level 35, as I go up, it seems to focus less on charged abilities, and much more on using combos intelligently for high powered instant attacks.

This is what I've decided on my build so far. Not sure where to stick the rest, but most likely Dirty Fighting. For must-haves, I'd say Ballistic Dampers and Cover Screen for defensive stuff. Snap Shot, Trick Shot, and Recoil Control are great. Lets you have a quick one-two punch as soon as you go for cover. Foxhole helps immensely with action regeneration. Trip Shot is great, especially for PvP, because it essentially let's you kite for 5 our of every 12 seconds (less with resolve). While it breaks on damage, it let's you set up an Aimed Shot. Similarly, in conjunction with Spacer and Percussion Shot, will let you keep melee enemies at bay for a bit.

This is generally what I do when combat starts:

Smuggler's Luck to make my Charged Burst a crit.
Flourish Shot on enemy, to lower defenses.
Take Cover.
Use Charged Burst (with Snap Shot, it's an instant cast). Juicy attack. Set's them up for Trickshot.
Trickshot. Another juicy instant attack.
Thermal Detonator. Medium instant attack. Knocks back the target, makes them "Weakened". Substituted for Flash Bang if the enemy is Strong or Elite.
Now that they're weakened, Headshot. Juicy attack.
Sabotage Charge. Instant cast, next attack will be doubly juicy.
Aimed Shot. Charged cast, but very powerful. Doubly so with Sabo Charge.
Trickshot Again.

And if the enemy is still standing, Quickdraw.

The only thing I really have to say, is to AVOID Burst Volley. I tried it for a few levels. Someone is likely going to disagree with me, but I believe wholeheartedly that Burst Volley is complete and utter crap. I've studied its effects, and found that it essentially does the following: Shaves off 0.1 seconds off of the Charged Burst activation time, three times, every 30 seconds. Saving a TOTAL of .3 seconds activation time, every 30 seconds. For three points, not worth it.

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im not finding any thing good for scoundrels. energy management is complicated. heals are proc based and we get chewed to bits fast. i feel like i live in force choke in pvp.
any sugestions? i could us them

Unfortunately, Scoundrel isn't my specialty. I only got to level 20 on my Scoundrel in Beta. But I will say that cover for a Scoundrel is only really useful if you're trying to not get shot as a healer.
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