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06.16.2015 , 08:51 AM | #1
Well here goes, and please forgive my spelling as I have not been awake long and my coffee is barley touched.

We have seen the list of cast so far, im sure there are many more in there. However, something I was wondering and im not sure if Eric or any of the others can clear this up... What about Theran Shan? Friends of mine who play this game, who really liked the bumbling SIS Agent are affraid of what this future could mean, especally with the popscile you become for unknown how many years at this point as I have seen posts that range between 1 - 20 years. Is he alive? Will he play any part in all the events and still come out alive later on... or will this be the end of him as we know it and break the hearts of a lot of the players who accually had hoped someday he would be a companion. (Side note: I perrfer Lana but that's just me)