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From some of the posts I've seen, it sounds like a lot of people worry that a lfg system will embolden many players to act like jerks without fear of reprisal. I come from a game where the simple party-search system does not grant automatic entry to a group nor anonymity prior to joining. Character name, class, level are all easily seen. People who have a reputation for grieving others, even if just for that day, don't get accepted onto a team or can kicked by the leader if someone makes accusations against him. That's perfectly normal.

Even with a system to help people look for groups, there is nothing to stop the group from considering a player's reputation, usefulness, or any other factor. Members can discuss freely whether to accept somone, and the leader can make the choice. I don't know what is it about the WoW system that's so terrible, but any problem it has is most certainly not the norm in MMO.

Perhaps some people are thinking about something like a queue system, where a bunch of people line up for some flashpoint or quest, then every 4 in line get grouped together like riding on a roller coaster. That is most definitely a terrible system for game teams and whoever came up with it should be fired.
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