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Does anyone else feel like a majority of the empires "light" side choices are completely arbitrary and more often than not "not as evil" as the dark side option?

And sometimes the light side options are more evil than the dark side options.

Let me explain. In particular, let's look at the rebellion on the 2nd planet. You are given two options, poison their water to torture them for a week before they die, or just kill them instantly.

The torture option is clearly the darkest option, but poisoning peoples water to kill them in mass to inspire fear and chaos is still "dark". A true light side option would be to refuse the quest, or to allow the player to stop the rebellion through either focused assassinations (such as offing the leader), or akin to the light side options for the cult, cultivate good faith from the rebellion using your words or actions. Hell, you could poison the water with a weakened version, blame it on the republic and come in to save the day with the antidote. You are still being deceptive, but you are ultimately saving the lives of hundreds of slaves.

The other thing I mention you see in korriban. When you are given the option to tell the Jedi the truth about his manipulation before freeing him, or allowing him to go back to the jedi with the trapped information.

How in the world is telling him the truth, betraying the sith and the empire as a whole, and setting up a trap for their trap a "light" choice?

This isn't me saying the game is crap, I'm rather enjoying it on the most part (arguments for another thread), but does anyone else feel that the light/dark options are merely arbitrary, and that the "light" is just "less dark"?