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Just compelted the puzzle that reveals the chest, i can clikc it but it does not open. and when i say i can click on it i mean bits of it stick out of whatever stone thing is covering it. cannot get the loot for T7.

edit: it is not even behaving like a normal chest as when i mouse over to loot it it shows it as interactive from any distance.
This was my same experience with it. Before you complete the puzzle there's a table-like object where the chest spawns, that object stayed there when the chest spawned covering up most of the chest. I could click on small parts of the chest that stuck out, but all it did was channel the opening of the chest, but it never opened or let me loot anything.

But even if this is how you're supposed to gear up T7, what about all the trash that is before the chest/puzzle that you've got to clear with a nearly useless companion?