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Species/Race: Corellian
Name: Treyus Halcyon
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 8 BTC or 3,647 BBY
Place of Birth: Corellia
Age: 18 (assuming 10 years ATC is current start time of Game.)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 285
Hair Color/Style: Short Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Broad and strong frame
Home Planet: Corellia
Current Residence: Where ever the force needs
Allegiance: Jedi
Profession: Jedi
Armor/Clothes: Heavy Armor he Forged himself.
Primary Weapon(s): Single Blade Lightsaber with a silvery Blue blade colored by a Force crystal he infused through years of meditation.
Secondary Weapon(s): The Force, Though he is not very proficient with Telekinesis, he seems overly proficient with the ability to harmlessly absorb force attacks to be repurposed. He also has proficiency with mind affecting techniques.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Standard Jedi Equipment, which normally seems useless until it's needed.

Treyus is first and foremost a protector and defender to his very core, though he sees the value in sometimes Striking first. Though Patient and Orderly as most Jedi he does possess some of those iconic Corellian qualities. Mostly it comes out as a wanderlust that is never sated, though this could also be subtle promptings from the force.