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In these words I just see an excuse if they did the right things they should have more congratulations and less complains
well this is potential untrue since present problem of "waves" mean that people that are happy are playing and the people who are not playing are upset

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I tested quite a few builds, with the xp ramped up and down, bosses and mobs undertuned and overtuned, and the fastest I hit 50 was about 2.5 weeks and I tested more than 4 hours a day. If the last build was a good indication of the leveling progress, it will indeed slow down 25+.

Casuals are what make MMOs and the gaming industry go round and stay afloat. Hardcore PvErs and PvPers don't like hearing it, but it's true. The Hardcore section of gamers is considerably smaller than the casuals, and if a company wants to pay it's bills they gear their game towards the target audience. Look at the MMOs sub numbers that were grindfests and geared towards the hardcore, they aren't even a blip on the radar. The successful MMOs go after the casuals and develop their game and new content with them in mind(ie WoW and look what happened to their sub numbers when they listened to the small but vocal Hardcore community).
this is actually untrue to some degree as WoW had a very slow levelng curve at the beginning <i do not mention EQ1 as though i for one miss it the levelling could be painful if you didn't have a good group to talk to suring grind>

casuals might be more in numbers and be the "to get" group but the games up to WoW were all "back boned" by hardcore <which i am not anymore as a rule since i get bored easy most days> and then casuals added but post WoW every game has tried to get the causals off the start and usually flopped <though not always due to this i will amit many flopped due to terrible programming/customer service>