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12.13.2011 , 04:36 PM | #4
That is an option too. I just want to be able to try a raid down the road that I missed and be able to find other max level people who want to do it because there is a benefit other than seeing the story (which I enjoy as well).

If you update the challenge, loot, etc., people will do content again. Especially if its loot equal to the starter tier of whatever expansion you are in. It doesnt have to be the best loot available.

Especially with lockouts and such.

In my scenerio, you hit max do the new operation/s...then if you still need gear to be able to take on the next tier of operations, you can go back and redo an old, upgraded operation from a previous expansion, since it will have similar tier gear to the current expansion's first round of operations, as well as a similar challenge. The only difference is having some group members that know the fights better because they did them in their original expansion.