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12.13.2011 , 04:36 PM | #42
The problem with this kind of prelaunch system is that it's not fair. Even if someone redeemed his/her code in july he/she DIDN'T PAY ANYTHING earlier than someone that redeemed his/her code 10 days ago. EVERYONE will pay at same time, when the game will be shipped. So the waves should be random, better if no waves at all and everyone able to start playing 24 hours. What if my guild is assigned to a server that BW consider full? Shouldn't I be able to join my friends only becuase BW choose this terrible pre launch system? In my opinion BW and EA should show more respect of their customers... But I'd past experiences with EA and MMOs, Motorcity Online in early 2000s, and I should have know what to expect from them...