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The real problem is even if you managed to invent a working lightsaber its not actually safe enough for anyone to use. You're equally likely to cut your own body parts off as anyone else's, regardless of training. Which is why only force sensitives can wield them.

But for argument's sake, it seems plausible the amount of magnetism being used to direct plasma could be so evenly matched to the plasma that there is no magnetic force left over to attract coins or any other metal outside the blade. Like two perfectly match sound waves canceling each other out. In this light it is possible to magnetically control a beam of plasma with not unwanted side effects. Aren't they currently working on a way to create a tool like this for industrial purposes? Or so I heard
while yes that is possible however you need the magnetic field to be strong enough to deflect blaster bolts or defelct other light sabers. That's where it ends up having to be extremely powerful and can suck in coins.

If you just want it to keep the plasma in place then ok but if you want to actually do anything then it becomes unrealistic.