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12.13.2011 , 04:34 PM | #41
I have one simple issue with the staggered launch. For some reason (one they will not divulge) they will not do 24/7 waves. They instead chose to allow some in and then take a break for over 8 hours (in 4 you will clear the noob planet easily and that's being generous). This decision confounds me, as I cant see a logical reason other than they didn't plan the launch staff accordingly. I thought they would do waves as soon as enough people cleared to the fleet but I was sorely mistaken.

This is one of the worst handled EGA launches I have seen yet and I know they are dealing with numbers not previously seen for an EGA but my statement still stands. I understand once everyone is in, it will be forgotten but I hope other developers (and BioWare themselves) pay attention to anger generated by this move.